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Incorporated September 1, 1997

By-Laws Adopted by General Membership Vote on 11/20/97

Amended 01/13/2010

Amended 06/22/2014

Amended 04/212016

Amended 04/18/2019

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the Corvette hobby and to provide a catalyst for members to meet, associate, form new and continuing friendships, have fun, and give back to the community as required.

VISION STATEMENT: To increase the Corvette experience in new and exciting ways that will enhance the benefits of club membership to current members, encourage new members, and capture the minds of young future owners.



There shall be two (2) types of membership, Voting and Non-Voting.

A. Voting: 1. Single - (One individual)
2. Joint - (Two individuals) Members who are spouses or significant others in the same residence, each having one vote.
B. Non-voting:

1. Social - Existing member in good standing who during the current membership year ceases to own or lease a Corvette. Membership status will change to “Social” at the date the member no longer owns or leases a Corvette. A “Social” membership will last no longer than 12 months. A Social member may have his/her membership reverted back to a "Voting" membership if he/she purchases/leases another corvette.

2. Friends: a. Alumni – A Member in Good Standing, who moves away or is otherwise incapable of continuing an active membership.
b. Bereaved – A spouse or significant other of a member, from a joint membership, who has passed away. For a period of two (2) years, determined by the Board, the bereaved will receive normal voting membership status with the hopes of providing support to that loved one and to let them know that they are not forgotten or cast aside.
3. Sponsor Membership
4. Honorary Membership – Recommended by Board for exemplary service to LRCC, approved by the membership, and reviewed yearly.
5. Member Emeritus – A Past Voting member, recommended by the Board for their prolonged outstanding service to LRCC, approved by the membership,


A. Voting membership requires the ownership or leasing of at least one Chevrolet Corvette. Proof of ownership may be requested by the Membership Chairperson.
B. Voting membership requires that member attends at least one (1) regular general membership meeting or one scheduled LRCC event during the membership year. A sign in sheet will record attendance at meetings and events. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that their attendance is recorded.
C. Application for membership shall be sponsored by an existing member or the Membership Chairperson. Persons applying for membership shall be twenty-one (21) years of age or older and will have their names published in the LRCC newsletter prior to the general membership meeting during which the general membership will vote on their application by written ballot. The perspective members will be asked to excuse themselves for the duration of the voting process. The Membership Chairperson shall only report the vote outcome (yes or no as to the acceptance) not the actual vote count. Notification of the result of the vote shall be the responsibility of the Membership Chairperson. Accepted members names will be published in the following newsletter. Those not accepted as members shall be notified by the Membership Chairperson. Any membership dues will be refunded.
D. All types of membership shall receive a membership card and one copy of the LRCC newsletter when published.
E. Membership in Liberty Region Corvette Club also requires all members to be “Members in Good Standing”. A Member in Good Standing is defined as: Acceptable social behavior that is not detrimental to the Club, the Club Sponsor(s), or a majority of the membership. Examples of detrimental behavior are dishonesty, misconduct, and unacceptable social behavior.  Misconduct Review
A member who comes under review must be notified by the Membership Chairperson prior to the next general membership meeting. Any member who comes under review may take their case before the General membership for a vote. A simple majority of a quorum is required to remove the member.
The review process is as follows:

1. The Board votes to review the member.
2. The member may ask for a vote by the membership.
3. A representative of the club will read the violations to the membership.
4. The member shall have an opportunity to address the membership on the charges only.
5. The membership shall then vote on the member's removal.
6. Any member who interferes with the hearing process will be removed from the meeting.
A misconduct review by the Board will consider the type of infraction and the severity of the behavior of the member under review. The board will meet to discuss the misconduct in an executive session at any time during the year.


The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 each year.

Condition of membership require that all memberships must be reviewed each year one (1) month prior to renewal date and may be reviewed at any time for violating the Mission or Vision Statement, By-Laws, or detrimental conduct towards LRCC, its Sponsor(s) or fellow members at any scheduled LRCC event or activity. All reviews shall be done under the following standards by the Board of Regents at a regularly scheduled Board meeting with all Board members notified of all reviews.

A. Regular review to confirm that the member has met ownership and attendance requirements as required by membership type. An existing member that does not meet the ownership requirement may remain in the club as a Social member for a period no longer than 12 months.


Dues, and/or initiation fees for membership will be published in the October issue of the LRCC newsletter. The dues structure shall be determined annually by the Board of Regents.

The Membership Chairperson is responsible for notifying the membership of the renewal dates and fees. 3

Any current member that applies for membership renewal after the December 31 membership renewal deadline may be subject to all new member dues and fees and apply under the new member process.

All persons applying for membership in LRCC shall pay 100% of all dues at time of application with the following adjustments:
A. Those voted in after June 30th shall pay 50% of all dues the next year.
B. Those voted in after Oct 15 shall have their dues credited in full toward next year's dues.
C. The full initiation fee is due regardless of initial application date.


Membership renewal fees shall be 100% of the dues with the following adjustments.
Friend’s memberships:
Alumni (single or joint) dues will be 50% of the regular membership dues. Activity fees may apply.
Bereaved dues will be zero. Activity fees may apply.
Member Emeritus (single or joint) dues will be 50% of the regular membership dues.

Any member that resigns or is removed from the Liberty Region Corvette Club shall forfeit all rights to any dues and fees paid to LRCC. Resignation will be accepted provided that the resigning member holds no club property. Letter notice to the LRCC Secretary is required. The club officers are responsible for legal action, if any, in case of substantial loss of club property.


LRCC shall have a Board of Regents consisting of seven (7) to nine (9) members in good standing, elected by order of popular vote, to these positions yearly by the voting membership. Any voting member in good standing wishing to run shall notify the Election Chair in writing prior to October 31. All potential candidates shall complete a nomination form. All names shall be published in the November LRCC newsletter. All candidate names shall be read out loud at the December general meeting. Voting will be held at the January general meeting with members in good standing casting votes for no more than nine (9) candidates. (See section IV for Regent duties and responsibilities)

Membership chair shall provide a current list of members in good standing to the Election chair one week prior to the January membership meeting of the election year. Candidates must be able to satisfy the following requirements for election.
A. Must be a voting member in good standing.
B. Must be a member of LRCC for at least 6 consecutive months prior to election.

If circumstances create an election situation in conflict with the By-Laws, the seated Board of Regents shall bring the situation to the general membership's attention for their resolution.

If a Regent resigns or is unseated and creates a vacancy on the Board of Regents, the immediate past election results shall be consulted first. The 10th ranked candidate receiving votes shall be appointed to the board of Regents. If no such individual exists, the following will occur:
A. The Chief Regent shall appoint an interim member who is in good standing while observing 
section IV of the By-Laws

B. The Board must concur with the selection and if needed, a special board meeting will be called to execute Section IV, Article 3 of the By-Laws.

C. The candidate must be confirmed at the next general membership meeting.

If an existing board member becomes a Social member, they relinquish their post on the board.


The term of the Board of Regents shall run from the end of January general membership meeting to the end of the following January general membership meeting.

The Board is required to meet at least monthly ten (10) times a year. The date, location and time are to be published in the LRCC newsletter. Any member with business to bring before the board shall notify the Chief Regent. The Board may refuse that member with valid cause. The Board may schedule speakers as required.

All members elected to the Board of Regents, shall have one vote on the Board of Regents. At its first meeting the Board shall decide who shall become the following:

A. Chief Regent
B. Vice Chief Regent
C. Treasurer
D. Secretary
E. Membership Chairperson
F. Sergeant at Arms
G. Regents at Large

All members of the Board of Regents have general authority.
A. Chief Regent Duties  The Chief Regent shall chair all Board & General membership meetings
 The Chief Regent and Vice Chief Regent shall be co-responsible for all operations and procedures concerning Federal, State and Local regulations.
 The Chief Regent has signature authority for checks
 The Chief Regent will appoint Chairpersons/person for all LRCC standing committees/positions
 The Chief Regent will organize various committees that might be necessary during the year and to designate the chair of the committee.
 The Chief Regent has the tie breaking vote.
 The Vice Chief Regent shall succeed the Chief Regent in the event of resignation, inability or failure to act. In the case where the Chief Regent and Vice Chief Regent exit at the same time a special election will be held to get the required nine (9) Regents seated.
 The Vice Chief Regent and Chief Regent shall be co-responsible for all operations and procedures concerning Federal, State and Local regulations.
 The Vice Chief Regent shall chair all Board & General membership meetings in the In the absence of the Chief Regent and Vice Chief Regent, the Chief Regent will designate another Regent to chair the meeting.

B. Vice Chief Regent Duties

5 absence of the Chief Regent
 The Vice Chief Regent will carry out the duties of the Chief Regent in his/her absence.
 The Vice Chief Regent has signature authority for checks
 The Vice Chief Regent is a member of all committees.
 The Vice Chief Regent shall be the chairman for the annual budget committee.
 The Vice Chief Regent shall provide oversight to the annual budget on a quarterly basis or more frequently if deemed necessary.
 The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the club finances, club financial records, and fulfilling all financial obligations.
 The Treasurer has signature authority for checks
 Makes all deposits in the club bank account and will write all checks from that account for club expenditures.
 Will make a written treasurer’s report each month to the Board of Regents, and a verbal report to the general membership at the monthly meeting
 Prepares and files all required federal, state and local tax, license, and certification forms
 The Treasurer has the authority to approve expenditures up to $500 for club activities.
 The Treasurer will be a member of the Budget Committee.
 The Treasurer will monitor on-going expenses during the year and report any and all expenditures that are approaching or can potentially exceed the budgeted amount.
 The treasurer shall have the responsibility to obtain and maintain the appropriate insurance needed to properly protect club assets.
 The treasurer duties shall also include but not be limited to obtaining any required Certificates of Liability Insurance, waivers, etc. needed for club sponsored functions such as shows, parties, picnics, cruises and fund raisers.
In the absence of the Chief Regent and the Vice Chief Regent the Vice Chief Regent will designate another Regent to chair the meeting.
C. Treasurer Duties
as they are required, and to inform the Chief Regent and the Board of Regents of their filing and costs to the Club.
D. Secretary Duties  The Secretary shall record the minutes of general meetings and Board meetings, send
 The Secretary will maintain the current copy of the Club By-Laws and provide copies to
 Keeps a file of the attendance rosters on a month to month basis as provided by the
and receive correspondence for the club, and keep master file of all club records, listings
and correspondence. The Board can create the position of Corresponding Secretary to
assist the Secretary.
the membership as requested.
Sergeant at arms. Provides this file to the Board of Regents for annual review.
E. Sergeant at Arms  Sergeant at Arms shall bring membership meetings to order as directed by the meeting

chair, assist in recording meeting attendance, count votes as required, and maintain

inventory control of all property.

F. Membership Chairperson  Is to be knowledgeable of the requirements to join the LRCC and is to maintain LRCC
 Maintains the LRCC roster and provides a copy to the Sergeant at Arms.
 Records the necessary information from the application for club use and insures that the Treasurer, Newsletter editor, and the Webmaster receive the appropriate information.
 Keeps the LRCC roster up to date
 Provides timely notification to the general membership on annual membership renewal.
 Receives all applications and moneys to join the LRCC and verifies completeness of the application and that the proper fees are paid. membership records.

G. Regents at Large
The Regents at Large shall assist the Chief Regent, and the Vice Chief Regent in matters that relate to the proper management of the club.
The Regents at Large will be responsible to have a full understanding of the inner- workings of the club and keep themselves up to date on club activities and events.


Any Board of Regents member that fails to attend three (3) Board meetings during their term shall be immediately removed from office. The board can make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.


Unscheduled Board meetings are permitted only when all Board members are notified, and two thirds of the members can attend.


All Board of Regent votes may pass with a simple majority. Any vote passed with less than five votes because of absent Regents may be revisited by the full Board except in the case of unscheduled board meetings.


A Regent may not be a voting Board Member on another Corvette Club.



All Chairpersons and Committees are considered vacant at the end of the Board’s term. Committee Chairpersons must be appointed by the Chief Regent with concurrence of the board after each election. The Board of Regents may recommend members to serve as Chairpersons as deemed necessary. The Chairpersons of each committee are responsible for appointing members to their committees. All committee members must be approved by the Board of Regents.


The Board of Regents may assign or create committee positions to enable volunteers to perform tasks or activities. The positions are non-voting as related to the Board of Regents.


The following Committees shall always be maintained:

A. Election Committee 1. The Election Committee shall consist of 3 members who are not running for the board or related to an existing or perspective member of the Board of Regents. The Election Committee shall coordinate the receipt of notice of candidacy on a timely basis. Determine voter eligibility from the current membership roster. Prepare, distribute, receive and tabulate the ballots. Provide the results of the election to the Newsletter Editor for club notification. Provide the numeric results to the Chief Regent. Coordinate with the Board of Regents any required recall process, and oversee this process.
2. The Election Committee Chairperson shall appoint the remaining members of the Election Committee
3. The Committee Chair shall be filled by the Board of Regents after each election
B. Membership Committee 1. See Section IV Article 4 Subparagraph F.
C. Newsletter 1. The newsletter editor is to compile all articles for monthly publication, submit to the printer, obtain the finished product and distribute to all LRCC members and any Corvette Club desiring a copy. Computer mailings may be used. Keep track of paid advertisements. The newsletter shall provide sufficient notice to all members of the date, time, and place of the next regular meeting and upcoming events. Present invoices for cost of publication to the LRCC Treasurer in a timely basis.
1. Ensure the social events are held with enough regularity as to keep LRCC socially united. Consider all opinions and suggestions made by the general membership regarding activities. Ask for volunteers for workers for LRCC events. Ensure LRCC activities/events are carried out with regard to the majority of the general membership’s interest and abilities. Insure that any activity conflicts are reported directly to the Board of Regents. Ensure details of all activities are in the newsletter or emailed to the general membership prior to the event. Submit a complete listing of the upcoming month’s events to the newsletter editor and Webmaster prior to the newsletter deadline; after obtaining such information from the Chief Regent and other sources. Attend all general membership meetings
1. Responsible for the annual planning, organizing, and execution of LRCC Car Shows. Identifies club requirements, to include a budget, and coordinates the selection of club personnel to provide support for all show activities to include judging and judging materials and supporting trophies.
1. Responsible to maintain sufficient stock of LRCC merchandise for the availability of the membership. Required to anticipate the club’s needs. To survey annually what the membership merchandise needs are and to budget accordingly. To submit annually a Club Store Report to show needs for the following budget year.
1. Provides guidance to the Chief Regent or to who is running the general membership meeting, sits close to the lectern to provide advice. Sits on the By-Laws committee when required. Provides an annual review of the LRCC By-Laws and advises the Chief Regent on whether a By-Laws committee is needed for any revision.
2. Must have an understanding and working knowledge of the use of “Roberts Rules of Order” (newly revised edition).
3. Responsible for decisions regarding interpretations of club By-Laws

D. Activities Committee
E. Show Committee
F. Club Store Committee
G. Parliamentarian
H. Webmaster 1. Is responsible to create and maintain the Club’s website(s) and to coordinate information updates from the Membership, Newsletter, Activities and Shows Committees on an ongoing basis.
2. Must be computer literate, own a computer, capable of generating/maintaining websites and have access to the web.
3. The Board of Regents has the right to review all information on the web site.
I. Budget Committee: 1. Chaired by the Vice Chief Regent.
2. Prepares the LRCC Annual Budget. Coordinates input from all Committees.
3. Members of the committee will consist of the Vice Chief Regent, the Treasurer and an appointed representative, (not a board member), from the membership.
4. The Vice Chief Regent may call a special Budget Committee meeting when established budget oversight identifies a potential expenditure over budget that falls within the responsibility of member committee(s).
J. By-Laws Committee 1. Is responsible for the periodic update and approval process required to ratify the modified By-Laws.
K. National Corvette Museum Ambassador 1. The National Corvette Museum Ambassador will keep the Board of Regents and the
2. The National Corvette Museum Ambassador will speak to the general membership on general membership aware of NCM activities and events.  ubjects that are important to the NCM.

L. Charity Committee
The Charity chairperson will keep the Board of Regents and the general membership aware 8 of activities related to LRCC's designated charity.

M. Safety Committee 1. Responsible for providing overall guidance for the Safe operation of all LRCC activities.
2. To develop Safety guidance in the form of written procedures to ensure club activities are safely conducted.
3. To establish LRCC portable communications device guidelines for their use in support of club activities.
4. To publish Safety awareness articles.
5. To insure that club activity chairman incorporate established LRCC Safety procedures/guidelines within their activity planning requirements.
6. The Safety Committee will be organized with a Chairman and selected club members. All committee members should have medical and/or safety experience.
N. Marketing Committee 1. To create and maintain a Marketing Process and Tools necessary to attract, secure and maintain LRCC advertisers and sponsors.
2. To periodically run campaigns to solicit new advertisers and sponsors both internal and external to LRCC.
3. To pursue all leads that may result in new advertisers and sponsors.

All Committee and Chairpersons shall work in coordination with the Board of Regents.

Committee Chairpersons must submit in writing to the Chief Regent their resignation stating reasons for resigning.

The removal of any Committee Chairperson, for cause, that has been appointed by the seated Board of Regents requires an approval by at least two thirds of the entire Board.


There shall be a minimum of one (1) general membership meeting scheduled every calendar month. The date, location and time of the meeting shall be published and distributed in the LRCC newsletter or via electronic measures prior to that date. Meetings canceled by the Board of Regents due to weather, lack of meeting place or other valid reason need not be made up except for the meeting for the election of the Board of Regents.

All voting members in good standing have one (I) vote each, for accepting or rejecting club issues

and decisions. In some cases, a voting quorum is required. This quorum is defined as 25% of the club’s voting membership in good standing unless otherwise identified.

No expenditures of club funds by a member will be reimbursed by the LRCC without prior approval by the Board of Regents. Any expenditure of more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) must be approved by the general membership. Any expenditure by a Regent or Committee with an approved budget may be made without prior approval. A Regent may incur up to fifty dollars ($50.00) of expenditures per term without prior approval by the Board. All expenditures must be documented with receipts. No reimbursements will be provided without a receipt.

No existing By-Laws shall be moved for amendment more than twice in a calendar year. Spelling errors or punctuation errors not affecting the intent of the subject may be corrected at any time without a motion. 

Any motion to amend the By-Laws, made and seconded by voting members from the floor of a general meeting, must be published in the following month's LRCC newsletter and brought to a written vote by the membership at the next general meeting where a quorum is present. A majority response sixty-seven percent (67%) of the vote taken shall carry said motion. These By-Laws, amendments or motions passed by the general membership are binding on all members and the Board of Regents.

Any change to either LRCC's Mission or Vision Statements must be approved by seventy-five percent (75%) of the club's voting membership. The Board of Regents will determine the method of voting.

A recall of any or all seated Regents may occur if a motion is made and seconded by voting members and passed by a simple majority at the general meeting. A recall motion shall be published in the next LRCC newsletter and a recall vote held at the next general meeting where a quorum is present. A majority of sixty-seven percent (67%) of those present is required to carry the recall.

All LRCC information, listings, publications, equipment and materials are the exclusive property of the Liberty Region Corvette Club and may be requested to be immediately returned to the Board of Regents of LRCC at any time. All requests shall be made by letter through certified mail, returned receipt requested. The items shall be returned in a timely manner and in an acceptable condition.

The Treasurer's report including the listing of financial records, bank statements, expenditures and credits shall be made available at the general membership meeting. Copies shall be made available to the Board members at the Board meetings. An audit may be conducted at any time when requested by a quorum.

All meetings shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised.

All corporations extending credit to, contracting with or having any claims against the Club shall only look to the funds and property of the Club for payment of any such contract or claim or for payment of any debt, damage, judgment, or decree, or any other money that may be otherwise become due or payable to them from the Club. So that neither the members of the Club, present or future, shall be liable.

The Club as incorporated shall indemnify all elected officers against expenses which arise from any legal action, civil or criminal, for his or her good faith actions on behalf of the Club up to sixty- six (66) percent of the Club’s treasury.

SECTION VII. Club Dissolution

Disbandment of the Liberty Region Corvette Club shall occur if sixty seven percent (67%) of the voting membership decides to dissolve the club. Voting will be by mail as stated in RONR. The results announced at the next scheduled meeting following the vote.

In the event the club is dissolved, all club assets shall be liquidated. Liquidation of physical property shall be executed in the following manor:
A. All physical property shall be offered in auction to all members in good standing for purchase
B. Any physical property not sold in the above member auction shall be sold to liquidators

The Club Treasurer will pay in full all outstanding debts owed by Liberty Region Corvette Club from the treasury.

The remaining balance of all club money including all moneys obtained in Section VII Article 2 and after all debts are paid (Section VII Article 3) shall be donated to certified charitable organizations chosen by a majority vote of the remaining club members in good standing.

Disbandment will be complete when all of the above articles have been completed.
This must be completed within 120 days after the results are announced.

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