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 MISSION:  Established in May 2013, by the LRCC Chief Regent, to oversee the safety aspects of all LRCC activities; ranging from the club’s annual all Corvette Car Show, summer picnics, house and swim parties, and club activities involving the use of member Corvettes. To provide recommended changes to the Chief Regent in an effort to establish a safer environment for participating club members. 

In concert with this initiative, the Safety Committee established certain objectives, they are: 

Encourage each LRCC club member to provide an “Emergency Notification Contact Form”so that family can be notified in case of illness or injury during a club activity. 

To train volunteer club members for CPR certification.

To provide LRCC motor vehicle and communication guidelines for club cruises. 

To establish and have available at club activities the LRCC Medical & Maintenance Kit, consisting of large medical kit, reflective safety vests, tool kit with jumper cables and extra portable radios, etc.

To provide to the club, a monthly Safety Article, published in the LRCC monthly publication the “Vette Gazette”.

LRCC Safety Committee will review all club activities to be conducted, to identify any potential safety issues and coordinate corrective recommendations to the Activity Chairman and the LRCC leadership.

To encourage the club membership to be “safety” conscious and pro-active during club activities.


During the course of our administrative year, your Safety Committee will provide monthly, a series of articles surrounding vehicle safety, personal health & safety, and guidelines on the safe conduct of LRCC activities.  All of the information you will receive, is to help us continue to have fun, enjoy our camaraderie and be safe while doing so. It is suggested, that club members retain each article for future reference and to remember these safety
suggestions in participating in our various activities.  Also, please be vigil, and make suggestions on any LRCC activity safety concern to your committee, so they can be addressed.


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